President & Board Welcome You

Hello and welcome to our new website, “”.

It was established with a sense of community spirit and pride, to act as a conduit between our board and you, the owner, in an effort to keep us all informed on a daily basis outside of annual meetings.

As a board, our commitment is to represent ALL unit owners in each decision. This website is a place where, as a community, we can share problems, find solutions, and be able to gauge how you feel on any issue, especially those which may affect us financially.

With your help, and this website, we will continue to promote and maintain a safe, comfortable, and cost effective home environment for all of us.

Please feel free to use this area to communicate with us at anytime. All comments – no matter how big or small are appreciated. They will be forwarded to each board member and the management for review. Each comment will be given a response and where necessary, appropriate action.

Your suggestions and contributions will always be welcomed.

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